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Record Report
Statement as of 4:34 am AKDT on August 04, 2015

...Record high temperature set at Anchorage International Airport...

A record high temperature of 79 degrees was set at Anchorage International Airport yesterday. This breaks the old record of 76 degrees set in 1999 and 1994.

Public Information Statement
Statement as of 5:16 am AKDT on August 4, 2015

...2015 now ranks in top 5 for most 70 degree days in a calendar year...

It has been a warm Summer across Anchorage to say the least as temperatures have been above normal for the majority of the season. The list below shows the top 5 years in regards to the number of days in which the high temperature reached 70 degrees or more.

Rank days year ---------------------- 1. 42 2013 2. 40 2004 3. 34 1977 4. 31 1957 5. 30 2015

This total is likely to increase...as forecasted high temperatures for today and Wednesday are expected to be at or above 70 degrees. In addition...it looks as if the high temperature today will exceed the record high temperature of 74 degrees set in 1997 as the current forecasted high is 77 degrees.

Anchorage has never failed to have a calendar year in which at least one day had a high temperature meet or exceed 70 degrees in the climate records dating back to 1952. The number of 70 degree days range from 2 (2008,2011) to 42 (2013). In any given year...Anchorage averages 14.65 or about 15 days at or above 70 degrees.


Anchorage has also seen a fair share of 80 degree days this year and is currently tied for the most ever observed in a single year. The Table below shows the top 4 years in regards to number of 80 degree days.

Rank days year ---------------------- t1. 4 2015 t1. 4 1953 3. 3 2003 t4. 2 2013 t4. 2 1977 t4. 2 1963 t4. 2 1960

80 degree days are quite rare in Anchorage. Out of the 64 years of climate information for Anchorage only 17 years have had a day with temperatures 80 degrees or warmer while 47 years never reached or exceeded 80 degrees. This equates to about once every 3 years Anchorage should see an 80 degree day.

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