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A scientific look at global change.
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Climate Change News
By Linda Lam
May 19, 2015
A new study has found that climate change has changed the strength and number of hurricanes.
By Jon Erdman
May 18, 2015
Newly-released data says we're on pace for another record warm year.
By Andrea Thompson, Climate Central
May 13, 2015
Could the boundaries of hurricane season change as the Earth heats up?
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Climate Change Blogs

Earth's 5th Deadliest Heat Wave in Recorded History Kills 1,826 in India
By: Dr. Jeff Masters
Published: May 29, 2015
The death toll from India's horrid May heat wave has risen to 1,826, making this year's heat wave the second deadliest in India's recorded history--and the fifth deadliest in world history. According to statistics from EM-DAT, the International Disaster Database, India's only deadlier heat wave was in 1998, when 2,541 died.
Sustainability: Essential Research and Education
By: Dr. Ricky Rood
Published: May 19, 2015
Since sustainability crosses many disciplines, it is, in fact, quite difficult to bring into the discipline-focused culture of universities. It brings a focus to problem solving and participatory, deliberative process. There is a high demand from students, who increasingly see the requirement to manage our resources and wastes in order to thrive. Sustainability is an essential topic of research and education.
Why I Support Student Fossil-Fuel Divestment Campaigns
By: Dr. Ricky Rood
Published: May 2, 2015
The divestment argument stands on a foundation of knowledge; it is fundamentally responsible and its long-term goals are underrepresented and essential.
Wunderground's Climate Change Position
Based on the evidence, more than 97% of climate scientists have concluded that human-caused climate change is happening. Climate change is already causing significant impacts to people and ecosystems, and these impacts will grow much more severe in the coming years. We can choose to take economically sensible steps to lessen the damage of climate change, and the cost of inaction is much higher than the cost of action.
Climate Summary
State of the Climate
Earth has its 4th Warmest April and Warmest January - April Period on Record

April 2015 was Earth's fourth warmest April since global record keeping began in 1880, according to NOAA, and the 3rd warmest according to NASA. April 2015's warmth makes the year-to-date period (January - April) the warmest such period on record, and the past twelve months the warmest 12-month period in recorded history. Nine of the ten warmest 12-month periods have occurred within the past two years.