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When weather observation stations are moved, they typically take on a new name and new identification. This is necessary for ensuring the accuracy and validity of historical records. However, it also can make it difficult to find records for your location, since each city could have multiple stations with different periods of record, in different locations. Record Extremes contains all historical records from the National Climatic Data Center, and are shown on a "station ID" basis. A missing record means that in that station's lifetime, it didn't have the opportunity to record the location's record extreme.

Yesterday's Contiguous U.S. Extremes
City Station ID Temp.
Naples, FL KAPF 87 °F
Fort Myers, FL KFMY 87 °F
Naples, FL KAPF 87 °F
Zephyrhills, FL KZPH 86 °F
Tampa Knight Airport, FL KTPF 86 °F
Marco Island Airport, FL KMKY 86 °F
Bainbridge, GA KBGE 86 °F
Waycross, GA KAYS 85 °F
Tampa, FL KTPA 85 °F
Cross City, FL KCTY 85 °F
City Station ID Temp.
Saranac Lake, NY NONE -19 °F
Saranac Lake, NY KSLK -18 °F
Mt. Washington, NH KMWN -13 °F
Watertown, NY KART -10 °F
Pellston, MI KPLN -9 °F
Whitefield, NH KHIE -9 °F
Massena, NY KMSS -9 °F
Berlin, NH KBML -8 °F
Rome, NY KRME -7 °F
Great Falls, MT KGTF -6 °F
City Station ID Wind Gust
Mt. Washington, NH KMWN 89 mph
Wolf Creek Pass, CO KCPW 60 mph
Copper Mountain, CO KCCU 53 mph
Shemya, AK PASY 53 mph
Brevig Mission Airport, AK PFKT 50 mph
Rapid City, SD KRAP 50 mph
Pierre, SD KPIR 48 mph
Mandan, ND KY19 47 mph
Buffalo, NY KBUF 47 mph
Yankton, SD KYKN 47 mph
City Station ID Precip.
Evansville, IN KEVV 0.88 in
Chester, CT KSNC 2.22 in
Madison, SD KMDS 1.29 in
Valley City, ND KBAC 1.04 in
Covington, KY KCVG 0.97 in
Johnstown, PA KJST 0.92 in
Evansville, IN KEVV 0.88 in
Huntingburg, IN KHNB 0.85 in
Henderson, KY KEHR 0.77 in
Clearfield, PA KFIG 0.76 in
City Station ID Heat Index
Naples, FL KAPF 87 °F
Fort Myers, FL KFMY 86 °F
Tampa Macdill AFB, FL KMCF 86 °F
Keahole Point, HI PHKO 85 °F
Fort Myers Airport, FL KRSW 85 °F
Lakeland Region, FL KLAL 85 °F
Zephyrhills, FL KZPH 85 °F
Punta Gorda, FL KPGD 84 °F
Kalaeloa, HI PHJR 84 °F
Tampa, FL KTPA 84 °F
  • Verified at 09:45 pm ET on March 03, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
City Station ID Wind Chill
Mt. Washington, NH KMWN -55 °F
Tin City, AK PATC -30 °F
Deadhorse, AK PASC -24 °F
Frenchville, ME KFVE -24 °F
Nuiqsut, AK PAQT -24 °F
Minot, ND KMOT -23 °F
Barrow, AK PABR -22 °F
Garrison, ND KN60 -22 °F
Kuparuk, AK PAKU -21 °F
Lewistown, MT KLWT -21 °F
  • Verified at 09:45 pm ET on March 03, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
Yesterday's World Extremes
City Station ID Temp.
Malmesbury, South Africa 68715 113 °F
Vioolsdrif, South Africa 68411 112 °F
Birdsville, Australia 95482 111 °F
Clanwilliam, South Africa 68711 111 °F
Robertson, South Africa 68718 111 °F
Bourke, Australia 94703 109 °F
Porterville, South Africa 68717 109 °F
Jervois, Australia 94327 109 °F
Paarl, South Africa 68713 108 °F
Tigerhoek, South Africa 68923 108 °F
  • Verified at 09:45 pm ET on March 03, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
City Station ID Temp.
Dome A, Antarctica 89577 -76 °F
Concordia, Antarctica 89625 -73 °F
Amundsen-Scott, Antarctica NZSP -67 °F
Delyankirskiy, Russia 24691 -63 °F
Mid Point, Antarctica 89648 -60 °F
Yekyuchchyu, Russia 24361 -56 °F
Ojmjakon, Russia 24688 -56 °F
Ikki-Ambar, Russia 24588 -55 °F
Verhojansk, Russia 24266 -54 °F
Omolon, Russia 25428 -54 °F
  • Verified at 09:45 pm ET on March 03, 2015.
  • These reports are observations, and are not record events.
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