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1. Changing Aspen

Uploaded by: CameraDiva Monday September 15, 2014 Estes Park, CO

A panorama of aspen colors.

2. fall is on

Uploaded by: jjulian Sunday September 21, 2014 Grand Rapids, MN

On the hiking trail at Forest History Center (date on camera info is incorrect, please disregard)

3. DeColores

Uploaded by: katy99780 Tuesday September 16, 2014 Tok, AK

Since this photo, winds whirled through, putting and end to autumn brilliance. Most of the leaves were stripped off the popple trees and these wild roses. Glad I got the shot when I did!

4. Maroon Bells Sunrise-Web2-2970.jpg

Uploaded by: wundernorm1948 Saturday September 20, 2014 Aspen, CO

Went to Maroon Bells yesterday had great light.

5. Moss golden

Uploaded by: SKERT Friday September 19, 2014 Powder Springs, GA

Sunrise lighting up the moss in the drive way.

6. Mirror Mirror

Uploaded by: llpj04 Friday September 19, 2014 Ponchatoula, LA

7. Gambo Falls in Morning MIst

Uploaded by: ceocrocker Saturday September 20, 2014 Gorham, ME

I had hoped for beautiful sunrays through the trees, but settled for muted mist with slight overcast.

8. Beautiful Sunset

Uploaded by: OZPHOTO Wednesday September 17, 2014 Denizli , Türkiye

9. Beautiful aftersplash after sundown

Uploaded by: photoandy Tuesday September 16, 2014 San Diego, CA

The storm is leaving San Diego after doing quite some damage with lightning and downed trees.

10. More beauty from the backyard

Uploaded by: KLuhta Friday September 19, 2014 Chapleau , Canada

More auroras in Chapleau, Ontario!

11. About Time.JPG

Uploaded by: Jakeof Monday September 15, 2014 UKPOSTAL PO19 8 , United Kingdom

My first day off work for a couple of months looms tomorrow, so the canon and I went for a sunset stroll, hoping for refreshments, on return.

12. Emerald Waves

Uploaded by: debster51 Tuesday September 16, 2014 Winchester Bay, OR

Sunset was pretty much a bust but the beautiful waves made up for it nicely. Too bad there weren't any surfers out there taking advantage of the rare big waves on this otherwise flat sandy beach.

13. burning sky

Uploaded by: vaggelis Tuesday September 16, 2014 Mesaria , Greece

14. Beatiful sunrise at Eselnita , Romania

Uploaded by: myalbum Friday September 19, 2014 Eșelnița , Romania

15. DSCN2312.JPG

Uploaded by: CalicoBass Tuesday September 16, 2014 Jacksonport, AR

16. Final Curtain

Uploaded by: nanapoo Sunday September 21, 2014 PA

17. Dense smoke rises from Hagg Lake wildfire - NW Oregon Coast Range

Uploaded by: Rutabagas Friday September 19, 2014 Gaston, OR

So far the fire has consumed about 200 acres of forestland and the area has been evacuated. The fire isn't yet under control, but the winds have died down and rain is forecast for midweek.