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1. Albuquerque balloon fiesta

Uploaded by: TheDeanofTravel Tuesday October 7, 2014 Albuquerque, NM

2. Morning in the mountain...

Uploaded by: taniak Friday October 10, 2014 Καστοριά , Ελλάδα

3. Panorama Aurora in Vaerøy, Lofoten

Uploaded by: JuneGronseth Tuesday October 7, 2014 Værøy , Norge

Visiting my birthplace Vaeröy, Lofoten. This is a small island housing less than 700 people. All of a sudden with no forecast Aurora Borealis cave us a quite nice display.

4. Winter Draws On.JPG

Uploaded by: Jakeof Tuesday September 30, 2014 UKPOSTAL PO19 8 , United Kingdom

10 Minute exposure, evening sun shining across Lake Vinnetrow, first colours of autumn are appearing.

5. Missouri Vally Central

Uploaded by: LarryD Friday October 10, 2014 Papillion, NE

Spectacular sunset at our local duckpond.

6. october evening

Uploaded by: vaggelis Saturday October 11, 2014 Ierapetra , Greece

7. Fall colors in the sky

Uploaded by: Agris Friday October 10, 2014 Rīga , Latvijas Republika

On my way to home I watched nice sunset today. Daugava river flow in foreground. You see the Dienvidu bridge.

8. Lunar Eclipse October 2014

Uploaded by: astrophotographer Wednesday October 8, 2014 oamaru , New Zealand

At last the skies cleared and the Eclipse was a stunning sight indeed. Ideal conditions.

9. Lunar Eclipse over Tampa Bay

Uploaded by: CybrTeddy Wednesday October 8, 2014 Plant City, FL

10. Last show

Uploaded by: photoandy Tuesday October 7, 2014 San Diego, CA

Simon the tropical depression is moving east... leaving behind awesome memories. La Jolla was perfect last night.

11. Arizona Sunset Shelf Cloud Panorama

Uploaded by: avidsleeper Thursday October 9, 2014 Prescott, AZ

This is such a rare thing for us to see here, so I was pretty excited. The fact that it happened at sunset was an amazing bonus! This was taken with the panorama setting on my phone's camera. I had my good camera with me, but the lens wasn't going to cut it. This thing was huge!

12. All At Sea Again.JPG

Uploaded by: Jakeof Saturday October 11, 2014 Bognor Regis , United Kingdom

A week with a deep depression sat over the UK,with strong winds,and heavy rain, has finally abated, and we are now blessed with some beautifully formed shower clouds, I watched for several hours as they cruised up The English Channel, often splattered by the edge of them, but armed with brolly, the canon and I frolicked.

13. TananaFreezeUp

Uploaded by: katy99780 Thursday October 9, 2014 Delta Junction, AK

Tanana River is developing frazil pans of ice, as the season's freeze-up progresses. According to the National Weather Service, frazil ice 'Tends to form in open, super-cooled water that is fast flowing or turbulent ' That describes the Tanana River perfectly.

14. A Fall Sunset in NY Harbor

Uploaded by: Gulizio Tuesday October 7, 2014 NY

Sun setting behind high clouds in South NY Harbor - Verrazano Bridge in the distance. ~ Vincent gulizio