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Uploaded by: idzrvit Saturday August 23, 2014 Beloit, KS

Almost went home with nothing as the storms fizzled after our 3 1/2 hour drive. Luckily for us, this cell popped and dropped a few strikes for us. It sure made the 3 1/2 hour drive back home a little less painful.

2. Double Trouble

Uploaded by: wolfpawstudios Sunday August 24, 2014 Navarre, FL

Lightning captured over Navarre Beach 24 August

3. Pryor Mountain Sunrise

Uploaded by: rdragon Wednesday August 20, 2014 Red Lodge, MT

4. The Stallion

Uploaded by: ruralartist Sunday August 24, 2014 Firth, NE

Looking at some cooler air!

5. Double SuperNumerary Rainbow

Uploaded by: katy99780 Friday August 22, 2014 Tok, AK

Bright sunshine to the west, and a brief hard shower to the east.... perfect conditions for this supernumerary primary and secondary rainbows to grace the skies for a short time.
'Supernumeraries are the closely spaced greenish purple arcs on the inner (blue) side of the primary bow. ' (definition from

6. Iridescent Pileus 4

Uploaded by: opal92nwf Saturday August 23, 2014 Niceville, FL

7. StormFront.jpg

Uploaded by: Merhard Wednesday August 20, 2014 St. Louis, MO

Leading edge of a small, but powerful thunderstorm cell. Taken at the southeast corner of Forest Park in St. Louis, MO.

8. Heavenly Bodies

Uploaded by: mcgino Saturday August 23, 2014 Polvadera, NM

Venus, Jupiter, and the crescent Moon before a foggy sunrise.

9. Sunset over Santa Monica

Uploaded by: SKERT Friday August 22, 2014 Marina del Rey, CA

From Venice Beach Fishing Pier

10. The sun has almost set

Uploaded by: zwitserw Tuesday August 19, 2014 Katwijk , Nederland

11. SR 08.19.2014.JPG

Uploaded by: shadow1096 Tuesday August 19, 2014 Broken Arrow, OK

Sunrise Totad

12. Glassy Pastels

Uploaded by: snosno Thursday August 21, 2014 East Dennis, MA

13. Sunset over Casa Luna Vineyard Oregon

Uploaded by: EamonnHughes Wednesday August 20, 2014 Wilsonville, OR

14. Summer Serenity

Uploaded by: teach50 Saturday August 23, 2014 NY

A lovely summer afternoon on the North Fork of Long Island.

15. Great Sand Dunes-Storm Clouds2

Uploaded by: wundernorm1948 Friday August 22, 2014 Alamosa, CO

Another shot from Great Sand Dunes.

16. Endings and beginnings

Uploaded by: vaggelis Wednesday August 20, 2014 Samos Prefecture , Greece